Facilitated Stretching Techniques

PNF stretching is an extremely effective stretching technique for increasing range of motion (ROM). There are several techniques and all of them rely on stretching a muscle to its limit, thereby triggering the inverse myotatic reflex. (A protective reflex that calms the muscle to prevent injury.) During this technique(s) the brain basically sends a message to let the muscle telling … Read More

The Skeletal System

Axial Skeleton Cranium (8) The cranium has 8 bones and rest on the top of the vertebral column. The skull bones are grouped into two categories; cranial bones and facial bones. There are eight cranial bones. Frontal bone Parietal bones (2) Temporal bones (2) Occipital bone Sphenoid bone Ethmoid bone There are fourteen facial bones; Nasal bones (2) Maxillae (maxillas) … Read More

Hamilton Escarpment Stairs

There are 5 sets of city built escarpment stairs in Hamilton. They are all high traffic areas which serve different purposes, from commuting to and from work to exercising. This is a general overview¬†of each set of stairs. Chedoke Stairs LocationAt the top of the escarpment they are located at the foot of Upper Paradise. At the bottom of the … Read More