Greg is the 2023 Canadian National All Natural Bodybuilding Champion in Men’s Physique Masters 50+

He has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over a decade and specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage. He treats a wide range of conditions including; sports injuries, muscle strains, head aches, back pain (including pain associated with herniated discs), shoulder pain (including frozen shoulder), forearm pain (including tennis and golfer’s elbow), knee and hip pain (including muscle pain from hip and knee replacement surgery), people suffering from M.S., Cerebral Palsy and more. He regularly works on athletes at various levels of competition as well as arm chair athletes to get them moving again. While studying massage therapy Greg wrote a paper about muscle injuries of musicians which was later used in several University manuals as part of their music programs. Greg also regularly hosts workshops, seminars and Lunch ‘n’ Learns. Topics include; Stress and the effects it has on your body, Common Musculoskeletal Injuries – How to prevent them and treat them, stretching, massage for beginners and more. Greg has been a Personal Fitness trainer and hosted his own fitness show for 2 seasons called, “Flex For Fitness.” A TV show that catered to the 40+ demographic who wanted to maintain a youthful looking body.